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Welcome to QuickFIX - Fast and Good-Quality Repair and Construction Services in Oslo.


Book a time and describe
your need


We will contact you to
clear details


The task will be quickly finished with minimal discomfort


Task done, let's review and
payment shall be made on the spot with Vipps

Our Services

QuickFIX provides services that every home needs for property maintenance, and improvement. Our team consists of experienced specialists who are available to you when light fixtures need replacing, a leaky faucet is causing concern, new kitchen furniture needs to be installed, or the front floor needs to be replaced. We also avialable during the late hours if an urgent situation arises.

Explore QuickFIX's services here. We aim to respond quickly and efficiently. Our professional team is committed to completing projects swiftly, with high quality, with as little disruption to your daily life as possible.

If you are looking for reliable and efficient home repair and construction services in Oslo, contact QuickFIX here.

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